Higher Education Commission Jobs

Higher Education Commission Jobs 2020 Request for expression of interest. Hiring for Higher Education Development in Pakistan HEDP.

Higher Education Commission Jobs
                                                             Higher Education Commission Jobs

TERMS OF REFERENCE (TOR) Higher Education Development in Pakistan (HEDP)



Job Title: Environmental Specialist
Category: Individual Consultant
Duty Station: Islamabad
Type of Contract: Fixed Term
Expected Starting Date: September 2019
Duration of Assignment: Two Years contractual appointment, extendable till the completion of
the project, based on assessment of performance
Salary: Market competitive

Program Specialist-Research and Development (R&D)

Job Title: Program Specialist – R&D
Category: Project Management
Duty Station: Islamabad
Type of Contract: Fixed Term
Expected Starting Date: September 2019
Duration of Assignment: Two Years contractual appointment, extendible till the completion of
the project, based on assessment of performance
No of Positions One (01)
Salary: Market competitive


PROJECT COORDINATOR Higher Education Commission Jobs

Job Title: Project Coordinator
Category: Individual Consultant
Duty Station: Islamabad
Type of Contract: Fixed Term
Expected Starting Date: September 2019
Duration of Assignment: Two Years contractual appointment, extendible till the completion of
the project, based on assessment of performance
Salary: Market competitive



Pakistan Vision 2025 has set an ambitious target for Pakistan to revive economic growth and
become among the world’s top 25 economies by year 2025. Knowledge economy has been
identified as one of the key pillars for growth. Higher Education Development in Pakistan (HEDP)
will contribute directly to knowledge economy by addressing these issues through the higher
education system in Pakistan. This project will directly support selected areas of HEC Vision 2025.
This project will support interventions aimed at improving quality and relevance of second and
third tier higher education institutions and encouraging research and innovation in tier 1
Universities of the country.

The project supports the implementation of a subset of activities from the Higher Education
Commission’s (HEC’s) Vision 2025, which is in line with the broader development framework for
Pakistan as envisaged in the Government’s Vision 2025. The project will be implemented over a
five-year period of 2019/20 – 2023/24.
In essence the objectives of the project are to support research excellence in strategic sectors of
the economy, improve teaching and learning, and strengthening governance, in the higher
education sector. More information on HEDP can be found here:

The Environmental Specialist on behalf of the Project Coordination Unit (PCU) shall overall be
responsible for all the effective implementation of the Environmental management activities at
field and office level. The Environmental Specialist will provide expert support to the executing
agencies in the office as well as in the field. She/he will provide support to ensure compliance
with the Environmental Safeguards requirements. The Environment Specialist will work for
PCU, which has been established to support the implementation of the project. She/He will report
to the Project Coordinator. Higher Education Commission Jobs

Under the direct supervision of Project Coordinator, the key responsibilities of the Environmental
specialist shall include, but not limited to the following:
 Implement the Project’s Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF)
 Ensure that the project remains compliant to the World Bank Environmental Safeguard
policies and guidelines
 To develop ESMP Strategic implementation plan for the ongoing operations at field
level as per the World Bank guidelines
 Provide overall environmental safeguards management, oversight during the
implementation of the project. She/He will provide support/advise to the concerned
stakeholders in addressing a variety of eenvironmental management matters at all
stages of the implementation of the Project and in environment related
training/awareness raising and coordination activities
 Implement environmental related activities as outlined in the Environmental and Social
Management Framework (ESMF) of the project Higher Education Commission Jobs
 Prepare necessary documents, such as environmental guidelines and tools in
consultation with stakeholders and help in commissioning and managing additional
and/ or special studies/ assessment, if necessary
 Prepare guidelines, tools and notes for use in the project based on relevant
environmental policies, acts and regulations/ directives of the Government of Pakistan
(GoP), provincial governments requirements, and relevant safeguard policies of World
Bank Group and the ESMF Higher Education Commission Jobs
 Ensure that each subproject and activities under the project is develop and implement
the Environment and Social screening checklist, mitigation measures, and monitoring
checklist as prescribed in the ESMF of the Project
 Carry out environmental screening of subprojects (grants) and activities (including
small works), and help to prepare grants/subproject/activity specific Environmental
Management Plans (EMPs)
 Organize environmental orientation & awareness, and trainings for the stakeholders
 Help commissioning and managing other special studies / assessment such as
hazardous & e-waste management. Develop environmental information / awareness
materials and help the Project in disseminating the information to the relevant
 Review approved grant proposals and other project activities, including plans, design,
cost, and bidding documents to ensure environmental and social aspects and
mitigations are incorporated
 Carry out site supervisions during implementation of project activities, and provide
feedback to the Project Coordinator
 Coordinate with relevant agencies for obtaining permission and NOC (like EPAs) etc.
where applicable
 Communicate with grantees, universities, communities/stakeholders, vendors,
contractors, and subcontractors for necessary environmental and social compliance
 Evaluate environmental risks associated with the proposal of research activities
 Organize local/universities-level interaction programs on environmental screening and
environmental awareness as well as organize national level consultations with major
stakeholders and academia, in order to promote the sound preparation of grant
 Ensure adequate management and develop a standardized approach for the
management of hazardous waste through alternative technologies to replace hazardous
wastes and to minimize pollution impact as well as in evaluating recycling options and
developing waste disposal schedule particularly for those research and other project
activities that could be a source of pollution
 Ensure the HSE compliance in the grant proposals and during small civil works during
construction at specific sites
 Evaluate the impact of grant proposals/other project interventions and their
environmental related issues for formulating viable actions
 Review and revision of documents and ensuring timely delivery of outputs as agreed
between World Bank and the Government
 Preparing quarterly progress reports (ESMF ccompliance) for submission to the World
 Prepare the environmental inputs for the project final report
 Assist the Project Coordinator in routine office matters when required
 Work as the focal point for World Bank to provide necessary requirements of
environmental compliances within the project
 Undertake any other tasks related to the environmental management of the project,
including the preparation for complains recorded in the project’s GRS system as well
as others that the project and the Bank could receive
 Ensure the compliance with exclusion criteria related to disputed territories and
international waterways, amongst other included in the Project’s ESMF
 Post graduate degree (18 years of education) in environmental sciences, environmental
engineering, environmental studies.
 At least 08 years of experience in environmental management related tasks/activities.
Previous experience in working with World Bank safeguard policies or equivalent
international standards is required.
 Strong written and oral communications skills
 Proven report writing skills
 Proficiency in the usage of computers desktop application MS Office (Word, Excel,
and Power Point) and office software packages (word processing, spreadsheet etc) and
experience in handling of web-based data and information management systems
 Must be able to work with multiple people of different background and be a good team
 Strong interpersonal and communication skills, commitment to team work and to work
across disciplines
 Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude
 Demonstrates good oral and written communication skills in substantive and technical
 Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities
 Excellent writing, editing and analytical skills and capability of working independently
 An ability to work effectively, take initiative and deliver results, even under pressure,
and willing to visit sites in remote areas.

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